Web Design v/s Web Development

When a website is conceived, the layout, content and graphics are discussed. Then these layout, graphics and content are put into design on a website, which is later developed. Web Designers use graphics software like adobe Photoshop, illustrator and InDesign to create layout and visuals related to the product. Developers take the idea forward by using languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and other programming codes, thus giving birth to the website.


Principles of Web Design

Web design is the heart of the website. It gives life to the website. It includes graphics, visuals and logos, which are called FLASH. A web designer’s job is more on the creative side. How you design your website is synonymous to marketing it well or poorly. Let us learn the principles on which web designer work:

  1. Designing a web is like creating a first impression. When the client perceives the website in his mind, the colors and layout leaves a lasting impression.
  2. Prioritizing your color co-ordination. Which area or text requires which colour? It becomes easy for the viewer to relate to the website.
  3. Alignment of content is also important. You have to decide which content requires more visibility. For example if you look at the website Australia.com, the first thing that you see is beaches with a couple. That highlights the essence of the website, which, in this case, is the location or place. Similarly, hierarchy of content is an integral part of web designing.

Let us know more about web development

Web developers are also called programmers since they use programs such as language to give the complete feel of the website. Developers take the design in to account and using their skills; put that design in to the program developed by them. If web designing is the heart of the website, then web developing is the body of the website.

Often companies use the term web developer and web designer as a substitute for each other. In reality they both function independently. Both cannot work without each other. It’s difficult to say, who is more important – a developer or a designer? In simple word, a web designer cannot do programming and a programmer cannot design a website.

Suppose you are shopping online for grocery. An owner of the website would want to put the photos of all the products that he is selling. But putting up those images can hamper the speed of the website. Here the developer comes in to picture. He can develop the text using style sheets also called as CSS, and the materials and inputs provided by the owner. Later the designer can work with the logo and the layout.

A Web Designer is creatively inclined and uses his imagination to work on the layout of the website. Whereas a developer is like the back bone of the website and focusses on language specific to the website, they sometimes also work on web hosting. It is therefore said, “Designers are right brained and Developers are left brained”. But the end result requires the skills of both designer and developer.