Web Design Tips That Are Useful This Year

Graphic Design CLet’s say you’ve just started a business, and you’re in a great need of the right web design service. However, what do you do? Do you look outside your local area, or do you opt for the skilled web designers that the Brisbane area has to offer? No matter what you choice is, it’s important to know that when you do this, you need to choose someone who is near you, who can listen to you and whom you can communicate easily and offer you the right kind of support.

That’s one of the reasons why we have come up with this list – some tips and tricks from our best Brisbane web designers to help you out in your quest.


No.1 – Perfectly Running Sites

This is what you’ll hear from every specialist in web design – your website should upload perfectly, not to mention fast. Wondering why this is? The answer is really simple – if your site doesn’t upload in a decent period of time – no more than 10-15 seconds, the visitors will simply go away and will look for similar sites with similar content. That’s why your designs should be web optimized – no matter how great they are, if you want people to see them, you should have a fast loading website design.



No.2 – Get a Clear Navigation for Your Website

Do you know where people always look when they visit a site? Our Brisbane web designers can give you the right answer – they are looking mostly at the top of your website. Because of this, you’ll need to have a clear navigation on your site. Don’t get the visitors confused and make them go from page to page to be able to see what they want. Offer them the most important links at the top of your page, and use menus to the left and to the right. The information should be easily accessible to them, especially if they’re looking for something in particular.


web-design3No. 3 – Don’t Forget the Resolution

As there are plenty of computers on the market, you never know what kind of computer your visitors use. As there are a multitude of resolutions that are available, you need to make sure that your website is optimized to upload in different resolutions. The experts advise you to use a design based on percentage, and not one based on pixels – this will work for different resolutions, no matter what your visitor is using.


No. 4 – The Browser and the Compatibility

As we said before, you don’t know what your visitors are using. Some might use Internet Explorer, some might use Mozilla, while others could be using Netscape. Because of this, the web design experts say that it’s essential to have a website that is optimized to work on different browsers. Don’t stop working on the design when you see that it works perfectly in a certain browser, but adapt it until it uploads great on all.


No. 5 – The Fonts

Brisbane web designers say that it’s important to use a professional looking font for your website. The reason is simple – if your visitors see the text written in a bright neon color, like pink or green, there are high chances that they’ll simply leave the page. That’s why you need to keep everything looking professional and common – their attention should be on the content, and not on the look (bright or eye-disturbing) of the fonts.


No. 6 – Less Is More

This means that when you think of using different images, go for those that upload quickly. It’s essential to help the site work properly, and less images used offer a neat aspect to your website. Go with something that catches the attention of your visitors, like greatly designed icons or smart tables.


No. 7 – Keep It Simple

webDesignKeeping it simple means that you need to think exactly in terms of simplicity and good taste. Too many images means that there are too many elements for your visitors – that’s one of the reasons why you have to use less images, just to make a point, and leave the background white – it’s easy to read and people are more attracted to simple things than to bright colors.

In the end, when you’re thinking of getting your own website, just look for an affordable Brisbane web designer – you will surely be impressed with what they have to offer, and your website will get the visibility you’re looking for when doing this.