Web Design v/s Web Development

When a website is conceived, the layout, content and graphics are discussed. Then these layout, graphics and content are put into design on a website, which is later developed. Web Designers use graphics software like adobe Photoshop, illustrator and InDesign to create layout and visuals related to the product. Developers take the idea forward by using languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and other programming codes, thus giving birth to the website.


Principles of Web Design

Web design is the heart of the website. It gives life to the website. It includes graphics, visuals and logos, which are called FLASH. A web designer’s job is more on the creative side. How you design your website is synonymous to marketing it well or poorly. Let us learn the principles on which web designer work:

  1. Designing a web is like creating a first impression. When the client perceives the website in his mind, the colors and layout leaves a lasting impression.
  2. Prioritizing your color co-ordination. Which area or text requires which colour? It becomes easy for the viewer to relate to the website.
  3. Alignment of content is also important. You have to decide which content requires more visibility. For example if you look at the website Australia.com, the first thing that you see is beaches with a couple. That highlights the essence of the website, which, in this case, is the location or place. Similarly, hierarchy of content is an integral part of web designing.

Let us know more about web development

Web developers are also called programmers since they use programs such as language to give the complete feel of the website. Developers take the design in to account and using their skills; put that design in to the program developed by them. If web designing is the heart of the website, then web developing is the body of the website.

Often companies use the term web developer and web designer as a substitute for each other. In reality they both function independently. Both cannot work without each other. It’s difficult to say, who is more important – a developer or a designer? In simple word, a web designer cannot do programming and a programmer cannot design a website.

Suppose you are shopping online for grocery. An owner of the website would want to put the photos of all the products that he is selling. But putting up those images can hamper the speed of the website. Here the developer comes in to picture. He can develop the text using style sheets also called as CSS, and the materials and inputs provided by the owner. Later the designer can work with the logo and the layout.

A Web Designer is creatively inclined and uses his imagination to work on the layout of the website. Whereas a developer is like the back bone of the website and focusses on language specific to the website, they sometimes also work on web hosting. It is therefore said, “Designers are right brained and Developers are left brained”. But the end result requires the skills of both designer and developer.

The Way to Success in the Online with Web Design

It’s said that if you want to be successful in the online environment, you also have to go with a professional looking website that makes you stand out from the crowd. Wondering how to do this? Our Brisbane web designers have the perfect tips and tricks to help you reach the online success you are looking for.

The process is actually easy, but you’ll need a professional to do it for you – they have all the tools that are useful in this area, so you’d better go with someone who knows what they’re doing, instead of trying on your own.webdes1

However, these are the tips that you need to know about web design, no matter if it’s offered by our affordable Brisbane web designers, or someone else that you choose.

Update: All of the below do assume you already have hosting taken care of! if not, have a look at our reseller hosting page for more info.

Don’t Forget the Logo

As you certainly have noticed, every important business has a logo, so you should also have one. Make sure it’s located in a place that is easy to be seen – the top of your landing page, the upper left corner or even to the right. The logo is part of your brand, it can be anything you want, as long as it’s yours – custom made – and as long as it represents you.  Link the logo to the home page of your website, so that everyone can navigate easily through the pages.

The Intuitive Navigation

Want to know how this can help you? It’s easy – as you’ve certainly seen, many website offer only primary navigation possibilities, meaning that you get to see a menu bar – horizontally displayed in the website. However, to keep everything easy for your visitors, under each option, you can add a secondary navigation. It’s easy, it’s simple and it shows your visitors different pages that they might be interested in.

Brisbane web designers advise you to use this as it helps people avoid confusions when navigating through your website – use the important links at the top of the page, while the less important links should be in the footer of the page – meaning at the bottom.

Space Is Essential

Have you ever visited a page that was too crowded and contained too many things, making it impossible for you to find anything useful? If your page looks like that, then the visitors will surely leave in an instant. It’s important to offer them room to breathe – it’s just a concept, but what it means is that you need to make the aspect easy to be followed. The content needs to have the right aspect, with the right space between paragraphs and with fewer photos.

The Colors

Don’t go for strong colors everywhere, and also don’t go for more than two or three shades of the same color. Mainly, the structure of the website should be white, with only a few accents here and there. The experts say that too many colors can distract the attention of the visitors from the content to the images and colorful background.

Social Media

You do know that you need to have a social media profile, so make sure that it’s visible in your website too. Link them both from one to another, so that those people who visit your website can have access easily to the social media profile, and also make sure that the other way around also works.

Today there are numerous possibilities to add content on the site and also publish it on Facebook or Twitter, depending on what you are using. If you have many followers, you can make profiles on both of these social networks.

Mobile Optimization

Don’t forget that more and more people are using mobile devices to access the online environment, so when you think about web design, don’t skip this step. It’s important to offer everyone the possibility to access your website, as more and more website owners are using this feature, and it has become an extremely competitive environment because of this. 2

The truth is that everything is important when you think about launching a website in the online environment. If you’re looking to get an affordable Brisbane web design service, always consider your options carefully, so that you can benefit from all the necessary things that are worthy to have in the online environment.

Web Design Tips That Are Useful This Year

Graphic Design CLet’s say you’ve just started a business, and you’re in a great need of the right web design service. However, what do you do? Do you look outside your local area, or do you opt for the skilled web designers that the Brisbane area has to offer? No matter what you choice is, it’s important to know that when you do this, you need to choose someone who is near you, who can listen to you and whom you can communicate easily and offer you the right kind of support.

That’s one of the reasons why we have come up with this list – some tips and tricks from our best Brisbane web designers to help you out in your quest.


No.1 – Perfectly Running Sites

This is what you’ll hear from every specialist in web design – your website should upload perfectly, not to mention fast. Wondering why this is? The answer is really simple – if your site doesn’t upload in a decent period of time – no more than 10-15 seconds, the visitors will simply go away and will look for similar sites with similar content. That’s why your designs should be web optimized – no matter how great they are, if you want people to see them, you should have a fast loading website design.



No.2 – Get a Clear Navigation for Your Website

Do you know where people always look when they visit a site? Our Brisbane web designers can give you the right answer – they are looking mostly at the top of your website. Because of this, you’ll need to have a clear navigation on your site. Don’t get the visitors confused and make them go from page to page to be able to see what they want. Offer them the most important links at the top of your page, and use menus to the left and to the right. The information should be easily accessible to them, especially if they’re looking for something in particular.


web-design3No. 3 – Don’t Forget the Resolution

As there are plenty of computers on the market, you never know what kind of computer your visitors use. As there are a multitude of resolutions that are available, you need to make sure that your website is optimized to upload in different resolutions. The experts advise you to use a design based on percentage, and not one based on pixels – this will work for different resolutions, no matter what your visitor is using.


No. 4 – The Browser and the Compatibility

As we said before, you don’t know what your visitors are using. Some might use Internet Explorer, some might use Mozilla, while others could be using Netscape. Because of this, the web design experts say that it’s essential to have a website that is optimized to work on different browsers. Don’t stop working on the design when you see that it works perfectly in a certain browser, but adapt it until it uploads great on all.


No. 5 – The Fonts

Brisbane web designers say that it’s important to use a professional looking font for your website. The reason is simple – if your visitors see the text written in a bright neon color, like pink or green, there are high chances that they’ll simply leave the page. That’s why you need to keep everything looking professional and common – their attention should be on the content, and not on the look (bright or eye-disturbing) of the fonts.


No. 6 – Less Is More

This means that when you think of using different images, go for those that upload quickly. It’s essential to help the site work properly, and less images used offer a neat aspect to your website. Go with something that catches the attention of your visitors, like greatly designed icons or smart tables.


No. 7 – Keep It Simple

webDesignKeeping it simple means that you need to think exactly in terms of simplicity and good taste. Too many images means that there are too many elements for your visitors – that’s one of the reasons why you have to use less images, just to make a point, and leave the background white – it’s easy to read and people are more attracted to simple things than to bright colors.

In the end, when you’re thinking of getting your own website, just look for an affordable Brisbane web designer – you will surely be impressed with what they have to offer, and your website will get the visibility you’re looking for when doing this.