Web Host Reselling: hosting DVD presentations

All About Reseller Hosting

A web hosting reseller, as the name suggests, is a service provider who sells their allotted service to a third party. In layman’s terms, a kind of middle man, but for web hosting. Reseller hosting companies in Australia purchase hard drive space and then leases it out or sells it to interested parties.

Web hosting companies offer special packages for the resellers. Some businesses use reseller services since they are priced better than host companies.

A lot of times, this service is part of an extended package offered by Australian companies who design websites or develop websites.

A Web Hosting Reseller,

  • Takes a dedicated server on rent or lease from a hosting company.
  • Distributes and sells the space they have leased, to their customers. The disk space, bandwidth and price are all decided by the resellers.
  • Uses his allotted hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites of his customers or others.
  • In turn creates his own brand with customized service plans and prices for their hosting packages.

Sometimes one can even become a Web Hosting Reseller if he or she is not satisfied with his reseller and may open his own reseller hosting account.

How does a Hosting Reseller Work in Australia?

Being a reseller doesn’t need much technical knowhow a good knack for profit-making is more important that knowing what goes into actually hosting a website. That being said, there are a few crucial factors at play in this line of work:

    • Web Host: Getting a good web host is the single most important criteria in this case, without a good host, this whole business model falls apart.
    • Reputation: Checking to see if a web host is reliable and can offer customers what they are looking for is imperative to a reseller.
    • Data Center: Owning a data centers smoothens the whole process. It aids in better communication between departments e.g. between accounting, support, security and maintenance. Although this is optional, if they have a data center it can help them service the reseller better.
    • Compatibility: A reseller will ensure that the host company is compatible with their Windows/Linux platform.
    • Compatibility in terms of the software like cPanel/Plesk, WHMCS (accounting management software) and the requisite web development tools.
    • Ease Of Working: There should be ease of working with his host in terms of payments. They should have monthly or easy payment options for resellers.
    • A reseller checks if his host company offers him a good customer support via email, live chat and phone 24/7/365 days in case he has any queries.

What else is needed in the reselling business?

Hosting Plan:

As per the reseller’s budget and how many customers he plans to have in the next three years, he will choose a hosting plan from the various packages provided by the hosting company.


This is an important part of reselling server space. Everyone wants a good deal and not have to pay  for it. This is an extremely competitive space, and being profitable means pricing the product just right. Getting a good price band involves analyzing server, operational and any other add on costs. These are negotiable of course depending on requirements of the websites of various customers.


This is the one aspect where the maximum conflict is created. Oftentimes, after availing a service people don’t pay, or stall payments. To avoid such instances and to keep the business model running, resellers often need to set up their own payment gateways to ensure a smooth billing process.

Servicing the Customers:

This aspect of the job is key to being a web host reseller in Australia. It’s important to ensure that customer interactions stay specific to their requirements enabling them to get what they want and the reseller to get a profit. Other aspect of customer websites that resellers manage include the back end operations as well as emails and domain of the customers.


The most traditional means of getting new customers and finding a better presence in the market. While this consumes a lot initially, once the ball is rolling, a web host reseller can rely on advertising to bring in new customers and plenty of queries which will guarantee good word of mouth.

Web host resellers like all other businesses are profit-oriented. The service they provide will ensure that small-time websites have an option of finding server space at a nominal price. Not all websites are built to dominate the internet. Most companies who need to operate their websites need very basic services and limited server space, a web host reseller is a good option in these instances. They usually provide much needed sever space to websites of small businesses.

It is important to remember that a reseller is not the actual host. They buy from web hosts and sell it to websites that need the space. It is up to website owners to ensure  that they get the best service to keep their website problem free.